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Meet the Team

Abhay Girdhar

Abhay Girdhar is definitely one of the most sought after stylists in India! He is an absolute master in his field of expertise combining various techniques from all over the world! Instagram Handle: @abhays_piazza_

Rachit Malhotra

Rachit Malhotra has constantly been pushing the boundaries of hairdressing! He has an insatiable hunger to keep up with the industry trends and creativity! Instagram Handle: @mrrachitmalhotra

Sanjeev Kumar

Sanjeev Kumar is always looking for something new. His focus on perfecting every technique has seen him outdo even his mentors! His confidence and work speak much louder than words. Instagram Handle:

Chayan Saikia

Chayan Saikia uses his skills to bring in his own brand of beauty and grooming to the table. He is known to bring modernity to the table with a dash of Indian culture! Instagram Handle: @chaynnsaikia

Naseem Salmani

Naseem Salmani combines his natural flair for artistry with the Clipper and produces only what can be called perfect showmanship! Instagram Handle: @naseem_salon_academy

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